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Solarworld Sunmodule Plus Solar Panels


Our company, SunFields Europe, is SolarWorld solar panel Official Distributor in all of Europe and we work with supply and distribution of SolarWorld SunModule Plus SW 80 RNA Poly Off Grid Solar Panel, Made in Europe (Germany) and Positive Power Tolerance (0 / +5 Watt).


Special Details

SolarWorld - 2013 PV+Test by TÜV winner - Best solar panel:

“This test is the best possible because TUV make the test directly from solar panels bought anonymously in normal retail outlets and then put them through many months of tests at TÜV Rheinland’s solar laboratory in Cologne. Until now, all the quality tests was made with panels sent direclty by the manufacturers, so it is easy to understand that manufacturers always sent the best pieces that never are the same that we can find in the end client market. This test is real, with real panels, at the real market, so, testing the real quality of the panels that you finally buy.” You can check the news from PDF: PV-Magazine article - SolarWorld PV+Test Winner.

PV+Test 2013 Winner, made by TÜV, with 92,3/100 points, Excellent quality.

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  • Electrical data about SolarWorld SunModule Plus SW 80 RNA Off Grid 12V Poly Solar Panel:

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    Download: SolarWorld SW80 RNA Poly Off Grid 12V solar panel datasheet


    Why SolarWorld is the best solar panel in the market?

    Sometimes one image is better than thousand words, please check this video and you will understand why:



    How can we check the quality of SolarWorld solar panels?

    Always the best way to check what is better and what is worst, is to see data about a real case. Let´s show a real case with a comparison between SolarWorld versus Chinese top brand panel, let´s say, Made in Germany solar panel versus Chinese solar panel.

    So, below we show you the performance data about a solar PV plant, in Greece, at same location, one project beside the other:

    Project 1 With SolarWorld panel:
    Solar Panel: SolarWorld SW235poly
    Mounting structure: Fixed at 30
    Shading: Partly in winter time
    Total capacity: 9,87kWp
    Energy production: 10068kWh or 1020.06kWh/kWp

    Project 2 with Chinese Top Brand panel:
    Solar Panel: Chinese Top Brand 250W
    Mounting structure: Fixed at 30
    Shade: none
    Total capacity: 10kWp
    Energy production: 9680kWh or 968 kWh/kWp

    These data was from one of our clients in Greece, so, as you can see, SolarWorld performance in much better than Chinese one, although SolarWorld PV plant has a partial shadow in winter and less total capacity, the performance is 5% better !!. Both PV plants are located at same place. We are not showing the Chinese brand, but it is one of TOP 4 (Suntech, Yingli, Renesola or Trina).


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    Our company supplies several MW SolarWorld solar panels to Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Belgium, Spain… and more, so we can make special prices and offers to our clients. If you are interested in solar panel price and need one offer for your solar project, please fill the following form and you will benefit the prices of to buy directly from a SolarWorld Official distributor:


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