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Our company is  SolarWorld pv panels Official Distributor, and we supply pv solar panels in all of Europe (Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, UK…). SolarWorld pv panels are Made in Germany, being the best quality solar panel in the pv market.

Some SolarWorld solar panels available in our stock:

As we mentioned, SolarWorld solar modules are recognized as the best quality solar panel in the PV market according with the PV+Test made TÜV. Apart of this, the manufacturing process, from solar cells to solar panels, are made in Europe. So, we can say, SolarWorld panels are 100% Made in Germany, and not only esambled, as other brands.


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  • Real Case

    Awarded with PV+Test 2013 winner, made by TÜV.

    Why?, it is easy to understand after watch this video:




    Let´s see a real case:

    Always the best way to check what is better and what is worst, is to see data about a real case. Let´s show a real case with a comparison between SolarWorld versus Chinese top brand panel, let´s say, Made in Germany solar panel versus Chinese solar panel.

    So, below we show you the performance data about a solar PV plant, in Greece, at same location, one project beside the other:

    Project 1 With SolarWorld panel:
    Solar Panel: SolarWorld SW235poly
    Mounting structure: Fixed at 30
    Shading: Partly in winter time
    Total capacity: 9,87kWp
    Energy production: 10068kWh or 1020.06kWh/kWp

    Project 2 with Chinese Top Brand panel:
    Solar Panel: Chinese Top Brand 250W
    Mounting structure: Fixed at 30
    Shade: none
    Total capacity: 10kWp
    Energy production: 9680kWh or 968 kWh/kWp

    These data was from one of our clients in Greece, so, as you can see, SolarWorld performance in much better than Chinese one, although SolarWorld PV plant has a partial shadow in winter and less total capacity, the performance is 5% better !!. Both PV plants are located at same place. We are not showing the Chinese brand, but it is one of TOP 4 (Suntech, Yingli, Renesola or Trina).

    Special Details


    #1 - SolarWorld - 2013 PV+Test by TÜV winner - Best solar panel:

    “This test is the best possible because TUV make the test directly from solar panels bought anonymously in normal retail outlets and then put them through many months of tests at TÜV Rheinland’s solar laboratory in Cologne. Until now, all the quality tests was made with panels sent direclty by the manufacturers, so it is easy to understand that manufacturers always sent the best pieces that never are the same that we can find in the end client market. This test is real, with real panels, at the real market, so, testing the real quality of the panels that you finally buy.” You can check the news from PDF: PV-Magazine article - SolarWorld PV+Test Winner.

    PV+Test 2013 Winner, made by TÜV, with 92,3/100 points, Excellent quality.

    #2 - SolarWorld best performance - comparison in running real photovoltaic projects:

    The SunReport monitoring portal has recently published a test on photovoltaic projects in operation.

    The bases of the test were:

    • Sample of more than 12,000 photovoltaic installations.
    • Analysis of production samples since 2010.
    • Official data of the Italian Electricity Network Agency (GSE)
    • Official radiation data obtained from the Eumesat (European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)
    • The idea of this study has been to verify, in projects in operation, which solar panels are the ones that have the best performance in the market.

    The exam was made on real photovoltaic projects running in Italy from 2010 to 2016, where the best PV brands have been:

    • Sanyo
    • SolarWorld
    • Aleo Solar
    • SunTech
    • Kyocera
    • TrinaSolar
    • REC
    • SunPower
    • Schott
    • SHARP Solar, etc.

    Many other known manufacturers such as Luxor, Axitec, Amerisolar, Yingli Solar .... Did not appear in the publication, because their performance was much lower than the average.

    SunReport solar panels test performance

    As can be seen in the picture, SolarWord pv german solar panel, are the best performing on the market, only surpassed by the old Sanyo brand (HIT technology).

    #3- The best solar panels in PV Market:

    Reinforced corners

    SolarWorld solar panels have their corners reinforced with ASA. A type of plastic that is used in automotive technology and with great physical resistance and UV rays.

    SolarWorld pv panels avoid dust in the cornersIn addition to this, the groove that they present in the corners, decisively facilitates the drainage of water and the cleaning of the panels.

    This is very important throughout the life of a panel. Over the years, the dirt accumulates in the corners of the panel, this can cause, and in fact it happens in most panels, that the cells of the corners are partially covered, affecting very negatively the performance of the panel .

    An example of how dirt accumulation is patent over the years in some panels of other brands can be seen in the image shown on the left. It is clear that it has been deposited remains of dirt. Over the years, the effect can be a problem.


    Reinforced and lightweight aluminum frame:

    SolarWorld Modules - Resistance TestingSolarWorld panels frame does not consist of a single sheet of aluminum, as is usual in the vast majority of manufacturers. The frame of the SolarWorld pv panels consists of a flat aluminum tube, reason why its resistance is very superior to any of other manufacturers.

    An example of the extraordinary strength of a SolarWorld soalr panel can be seen in the image on the left, this is one of the resistance tests that SolarWorld submits to its modules and that far exceed the requirements of the IEC standard.

    You probably have never seen anything like it on another solar panel on the market and all SolarWorld photovoltaic panels, incorporate this standard frame.


    Separation between cells and panel frame:

    SolarWorld Solar panels - Frame-cell separationThis is, among other things, to reduce losses caused by the accumulation of dirt.

    In addition to this, SolarWorld photovoltaic panels, with this separation and technology applied in manufacturing, are free of PID effect. Its translation is Induced Potential Degradation.

    This negative effect happens when connecting long strings of panels, conduction can occur between the cells edges and the panel frame, so the performance of the panel is reduced dramatically.

    It is important to emphasize the PID effect and that a great majority of manufacturers that certify to be free of PID, is not reliable, as evidenced in the PID test carried out by the German laboratory Fraunhofer, where tested several brands of recognized prestige and only some of them passed the test successfully, many of them resulted in a "junk panel" we could call.

    Only those panels that are subject to the continuous control of their production, as in the case of SolarWorld, can give us the peace of mind that all the panels that we are going to install will be free of the effect PID.


    Junction Box:

    Together with the cells, the junction box is the most important part of the panel. Incorrect encapsulation can lead to overheating of the by-pass diodes, which can disrupt panel production and performance.

    In the case of SolarWorld boards, your junction box is unique and patented. The highest quality silicone is used and a uniform distribution inside the box for better heat dissipation. This makes the behavior of the by-pass diodes always reliable.

    In addition to this, the connectors used are Amphenol H4, which are compatible with any certified solar cable on the market.

    You can download more information in the document: SolarWorld pv panels quality dossier, in which you can consult other quality characteristics tested in the laboratory.