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SunFields is Official SHARP Distributor in Europe and works with distribution, supply and sale of ND-R250A5 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, Made in Europe (Factory Inspection passed) and 10 years warranty.

As a solar specialist with 50 years’ experience in photovoltaics (PV), Sharp makes significant contributions to groundbreaking progress in solar technology. Sharp photovoltaic modules in the ND series are designed for applications with high power requirements.

Characteristics of SHARP ND-R250A5 Policrystalline Series:

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More Info: Download the datasheet of SHARP Solar Panel ND-R250A5 Polycrystalline

Our company supplies several MW of SHARP solar panels to Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain, so we can make special prices and offers to our clients. If you are interested in SHARP solar panel price and need one offer for your solar project, please fill the following form and you will benefit the prices of to buy directly from a SHARP PV-Partner (Official Distributor):

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These quality policrystalline modules produce a continuous, reliable yield, even under demanding operational conditions.

SHARP solar panel ND-R250A5 are made in Europe and this warranty:

  • 10-year product guarantee.
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee:
  • Minimum 96 % of the specified minimum power output after 1 year.
  • Maximum 0.667 % annual reduction of the power output for following 24 years.
  • Minimum 80 % of the specified minimum power Certificates and approvals output after 25 years.

All Sharp ND series modules offer system integration which is optimal both technically and economically, and are suitable for installations in on and off-grid PV systems.

SHARP has recently been awarded the TOP BRAND PV 2011 awarded by the prestigious EuPD Research. Award given to only 10 manufacturers of more than 250 under investigation by the EuPD.

Product features ND-R Series:

  • High-performance photovoltaic modules made of policrystalline (156.5 mm2) silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of up to 15.2%.
  • Bypass diodes which minimise the loss in output when shading occurs.
  • 3 busbar technology for enhancing the power output.
  • Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5 %. Only modules will be delivered that have the specified power or more for high energy yield.
  • Anti-reflex coating to increase light absorption.
  • Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures.
  • Textured cell surface for particularly high electricity yields.
  • BSF structure (Back Surface Field) to optimise cell efficiency.
  • Use of tempered white glass, EVA plastic, and weather protection film, as well as an anodised aluminium frame with drainage holes for long-term use.
  • High power performance even at lower irradiations.
  • Output: connection cable with waterproof plug connector.

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