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Solar Modules: Junction Box and Bypass Diodes

What is the function of Junction Box and Bypass Diodes in solar panels? Junction Box: It is located at the back of the solar panel, from where the interconnection terminals come out. In this box are marked the positive and negative output of the pv panels and inside it, protected with silicone, are placed the protection diodes (bypass) of which we will talk next. As an example, an image of the SolarWorld solar [...]

Solar panels components

How is compossed a solar panel? The manufacturing process of pv solar panels is composed of several phases, in today's article, we continue with the previous article, about the solar cells, and describe the process of rolling, curing and framed. Lamination and curing The rolling materials are: EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate): which is the encapsulant. Tedlar: is a material made up of three layers Tedlar-Polyester-Tedlar, is responsible for the tightness of the solar module by [...]

Taping and connection of cells in photovoltaic modules

Connection of cells in pv solar modules The manufacturing process of a photovoltaic module is composed of several phases, in today's article, we will see two of them, the taping and the interconnection between the solar cells. Cell taping: The front grid of the cells is composed by the "fingers", which are the ones that collect the photogenerated current in the cell, and the "bus" that is the current collector where all the fingers are [...]

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