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SHARP solar panels

Our company, SunFields Europe, is SHARP solar panels Official Distributor in all of Europe and we work with supply and distribution of SHARP NA-E130G5 Thin Film Solar Panel, Positive Power Tolerance (0 / +5 Watt).

The excellent Power Temperature Coefficient -0.24%/ºC makes optimal for PV plants at high temperature places, as Italy, Greece, Turkey...


Special Details

SHARP - 2011 PV+Test by TÜV - Very Good Quality:

“This test is the best possible because TUV make the test directly from solar panels bought anonymously in normal retail outlets and then put them through many months of tests at TÜV Rheinland’s solar laboratory in Cologne. Until now, all the quality tests was made with panels sent direclty by the manufacturers, so it is easy to understand that manufacturers always sent the best pieces that never are the same that we can find in the end client market. This test is real, with real panels, at the real market, so, testing the real quality of the panels that you finally buy.” You can check the news from PDF: SHARP solar PV+Test 2011 Very Good.

PV+Test 2011, made by TÜV, with 90,8/100 points, Very Good quality.

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  • Electrical data about SHARP NA-E130G5 Thin Film Solar Panel:

    Sharp NA-E130G5 Thin Film Amorphous Microcrystalline Made in EuropeNominal Power130 W
    Open circuit Voltage (Voc)60,4 V
    Short circuit Current (Isc)3,41 A
    Max. Power Voltage (Vmax)46,1 V
    Max. Power Current (Imax)2,82 A
    Efficiency 9,3%
    Dimensions1.402 x 1.001 x 7.4 mm
    Max. System Voltage1.000 V

    More Info: Download the datasheet of SHARP Solar Panel NA-E130G5 Thin Film


    Why to choose SHARP solar panels?

    Sometimes we don´t know wich brand to choose for our solar system, SHARP could be the best solution, perhaps for SHARP history?



    Some reasons to install SHARP NA-E130G5 Thin Film better than Poly or Monocrystalline modules:

    Good performance proven in warm & sunny regions of the world (see picture bellow). SHARP NA-E130G5 is better than Crystalline models, in Low Latitudes (High Temperature regions):


    SHARP NA-E135G5 Recomended Latitudes for better production than crystalline models

    As the result of making an analisys with PVsyst software, is very interesting to see the advantages of install SHARP NA-E130G5, instead of Crystalline modules.

    SHARP_NAE Productions in Low Latitudes


    SHARP NA-E130G5 Thin Film Solar Panel
    Brand: SHARP Solar
    Manufacturer: SHARP
    Model: SHARP NA-E130G5


    • 10-year product guarantee
    • 10-year performance guarantee on a power output of 90%
    • 25-year performance guarantee on a power output of 80%
    • Tandem structure with an amorphous and a microcrystalline silicon layer offering a stabilised module efficiency of up to 9.6%.
    • Optimised for grid-connected roof mounting PV systems.
    • Higher energy yields per watt at high temperatures.
    • Output: connection cable with waterproof plug connector.
    • Made in Italy.


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    Our company supplies several MW SHARP solar panels to Greece, Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, Belgium, Spain, UK… and more in all of Europe, so we can make special prices and offers to our clients. If you are interested in SHARP NA-E130G5 thin film solar panel solar panel price and need one offer for your solar project, please fill the following form and you will benefit the prices of to buy directly from a SHARP solar Official distributor:



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